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About Bits

Bits is an advanced diary app with photos, tags, cloud sync and online blog integration.

Supported platforms

The current version supports Tumblr and Wordpress. In the future we plan to expand the list of supported platforms with Blogger, Livejournal, and other popular online services.


If you are faced with the problem of improper time for your posts, make sure that the time zone is set correctly in your Tumblr settings.


Follow instructions on WordPress site on how to set up XML-RPC service that allows applications to post to your blog and what values you should enter in settings panel.

Formatting & Tags

Use # symbol inside text to make tags. The tag should be follow '#' without any spaces: #tag, #long-tag

To make header use # at first line with following space and title: # This is a title

To make emphasis, use * for strong emphasis (bold) and _ for regular emphasis (italic): This is a *bold* text.

Cloud Storage

If you want to journal with the same archive on multiple devices, you can choose iCloud or specify to store archive in any cloud folder (Dropbox, Yandex Disk, etc.). App will automatically track changes made on other devices.

Changes on the other devices are reflected in the interface only when the list is in the initial position. To see the changes made with other devices, remove the selection and scroll to the very top.

iCloud usage

The first time you switch to iCloud your current archive will be moved to the "cloud" location. When you disable iCloud, the archive will not be automatically moved back out of iCloud storage (to prevent archive dissapearing on other devices connected to iCloud).

To move a file out of iCloud use archive export command, and then select the new location of the archive. To delete a file from iCloud use the system interface (System Settings - iCloud - Manage).

Support By Email

Contact support team at